Toggle Hide Stem and grace notes

I’m finding that I can’t hide the stem on grace notes using the shortcut key or jump bar for Hide Stem. (I have no idea where to find that in the menus to test whether it works there. It’s not in notations-note or stems). I’m able to change all other notes to stemless, but not grace notes.

Hiding the stem on grace notes works for me on single grace notes and groups of two or more. I’m using the Properties panel as I don’t have a shortcut assigned.

Are you doing it in Engrave mode?

When I assigned a keyboard shortcut, it only worked in Engrave mode. Using the Jump bar also only worked in Engrave mode.

Hide stem is in Properties > Notes and Rests and is only available in Engrave mode.

I keep forgetting about the properties panel. (Why are so many things one uses frequently only in the property panel)? I can use the shortcut key (or jump bar) to make all notes but grace notes stemless in Write mode but as you mentioned, for grace notes it only works in Engrave mode. Thanks.

I can confirm this behaviour, I hope it can get addressed easily :slight_smile: