Toggle Key Commands Question.

I have a quick question regarding “Toggle Key Commands”.

Is there a way, macro, PLE, etc, to toggle to a particular key command set when toggling the mixer on and off.

For example when toggling the mixer to visible it loads the “Mixer” key commands and when toggling it off it loads the “Project” key commands.

Thank you.

I think the function actually “cycles” the key command sets created. So if you have more than 2, say 4, it’ll go in order from 1 to 4 and then back to 1 again.

I’m thinking that if you stick to only two sets you can probably set up a macro for it where you toggle key commands at the same time you’re toggling making the mixer visible.

But I don’t think the key command toggle is for specific sets.

Thanks for your reply. You are absolutely correct in terms of cycling through the key commands and yes you can set up a key command to toggle through them or a macro to do a few things.

What I am looking for is two things:

  1. is a way to go directly to a specific key command set verses cycling through them.
  2. is a way to get the current key command set that is active. I am pretty sure there is not a way to do this.

Thanks for your reply.