Toggle Linear vs. Musical Time Base in PLE - missing preset?

Sorry if this was addressed elsewhere, I looked at the first 50 listings that came up in search for Time Base and didn’t find the answer.

In the Cubase 8.5 vids there were PLE setting presets:

  1. Toggle selected tracks time base
  2. Toggle all tracks time base
  3. Set all tracks to time base linear
  4. Set all tracks to time base musical

I understand that those were in the vids, but not always in the released projects (2:09 in this vid: Cubase 8.5 - Review, New features, tips and tricks and tutorial - YouTube ).

Does anyone else have them in Cubase 9.0.10?

The vid shows how to write the PLE for “Toggle time base selected track”.
Could anyone please share how to write PLEs for:
2) Toggle all tracks time base
3) Set all tracks to time base linear
4) Set all tracks to time base musical

Thank you!

Not sure these have ever been presets. The guy who made the video probably made them himself.

Anyhow…They appear to be pretty simple to create unless I’m missing something.

Upper PLE window - Media type is/All Types

Lower PLE window - Track Operation/Time Domain/Toggle

Replace toggle with the specific type for the others.

Hi Grim thanks, that was very helpful.

The only one I can’t figure out how to do is: “Toggle Timebase ALL tracks”.

Any more help any one, please?


I thought the one I wrote in full would toggle all tracks…I tested with midi and audio.

What is/isn’t it doing exactly?

Sorry Grim - operator error here, it works great. Thank you again!