Toggle MixConsole behavior has changed

In all previous versions of Cubase you can toggle the mixer open/close with a single key stroke. In C7 pressing F3 first brings the mixer into focus. It requires a 2nd keystroke to close the mixer. Is this intended?

Personally, I much prefer the way it has always worked. Fewer clicks, faster work flow.

Yes I have noticed this to.

I also assigned a Generic remote midi command to see if that solved it, but it behaves in exactly the same way.

It seems the only way to toggle is by using a Workspace.

But I suppose if you want to use the mixer and it is hidden behind another window, with the old behaviour, it would have required an additional keystroke -once to close it and once more to re-open it with the mixer now being at the front.

On my system it’s F3 open mixer F3 close mixer. In my books that’s a toggle, and no different than it’s ever been.

But have you tried to open the mixer, activating the main project window and then hitting F3? Here it behaves exactly as Steve H. described in the first post.


yes and it still works as expected , just by chance do you have the media pool tab open in the top tool bar ?

on the project page i mean ?

OK, yes I can reproduce that, only for hiding the mixer though, and only when, as you say, the Project window has the focus - not the Cubase main window. It seems the first click removes the focus from the project window, then the second click does it’s job hiding the mixer.

Confirmed here when project window has focus, but not main window.