Toggle mixer view

Hey all.
Total beginner question, so I am hoping either for a „dumba**, read the fu*** manual“, or a hint to a hidden shortcut list.
I am trying to toggle mixer view via a usb-keyboard to control the faders with my nanokontrol studio, but just can’t find a shortcut. Is that possible? All the other shortcuts seem to be working…
Thanks in advance, Daniel

Hi hitzenplitz,
There is no shortcut to open the Cubasis mixer, but you can use Midi Learn to allocate each nanokontrol fader to a Cubasis fader, if you tap SETUP/MIDI turn on MIDI Learn, tap the LEARN button, open the mixer, all the faders will be green, just tap on a green fader and move a nanokontrol fader, this has now set that Cubasis fader to respond to external control. Do this for all faders that you can have control over, turn off Midi Learn in SETUP, that’s it :+1:

BTW, welcome to the Cubasis family :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey fixit,
thanks for your warm welcome.
I might have asked my question too complicated, sorry for that.
I control my mixer in cubasis fine with the nanokontrol studio set up as Mackie in cubasis preferences. Works very well (except for the master channel, which I might use midi learn for someday in the future).
All I wanted to know is if I missed a toggle mixer shortcut. I still cant believe thats not possible, as it totally contradicts the remote features of a midi controller.
I think all possible commands in a DAW should be able to be controlled via shortcut.
Nevertheless, thanks for your reply.
I might open a feature request…