Toggle OFF automatic Safe Mode?

Since the newest update (10.5.20 Pro), if I have to dirty close a session (use Ctrl Q and the session closes but Cubase itself stays open & not responding, which for me happens often), the next start of Cubase opens automatically in Safe Mode

It gives a pop-up with the option to open with normal settings after that (among other options) but I don’t want the pop-up. I just want it to open normally, like it used to…

I know how to open Safe Mode if I ever do want it.

Any way to set it to open normally, and not have this middle step every time?


That means Cubase doesn’t quit properly.

Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Hi Martin, thanks for replying! I’ve seen you help many people on this forum over the years. I don’t know how my duplicate post happened… I’m more of a lurker than poster. I try to find answers to my questions before asking.

I’m on Windows 10. It might be worth mentioning, there’s one 3rd party VST plugin with iLok I sometimes use, which often causes Cubase to crash before opening (opening again until it works is the only solution I found). It may cause quitting issues also.


Could you please use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a DMP file (when Cubase hangs while quit) and share the DMP file via Dropbox or similar service, please?

hello, since my upgrade to 10.5.20; i have the same problem. I close Cubase properly, but each start i have the same message…i really Don’t understand why. Have you found any solution please?

Hi and welcome,

As I mentioned above… That means Cubase doesn’t quit properly (probably a silent crash while quit).

Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Hi Martin, I made a DMP file and a Dropbox, shared via PM. Greatly appreciate your help!

Ideally, sorting out the cause of the crash would be awesome, but I’m also hoping to find a way to avoid the selection pop-up window (which didn’t appear before 10.5.20) even if there is a crash