Toggle solo/mute state for selected tracks or global


This is a relatively trivial thing but since I was doing it over and over again I tried to find an easy solution but found none. Recently on a soundalike project I was doing a lot of track comparison where I want to compare the source music track that I’m transcribing with a particular instrument I’m focusing on. Right now, I have to do the following steps if I want to toggle the mute/solo states of these tracks

  1. Deactivate solo on the source music track, or the instrument tracks
  2. Solo the instrument track(s) I’m working on, or source music track

It seems easy like this but if I’m trying to solo a bunch of instrument tracks this might take a lot of time to go back and forth. What I want to do is to simply toggle the mute/solo states of the selected tracks with a key command so I can create an A/B mute/solo settings similar to “toggle time domain for selected tracks”. I want to be able to instantly switch between the source music and my production tracks.

Couldn’t achieve this so far. Any ideas? thx :slight_smile:


  • Solo track A. The track becomes soloed.
  • Hold down Ctrl/Cmd and click Solo on track B.
    => Track A becomes Muted (the Solo is disabled) and track B becomes soloed.

Hi Martin,

Thanks so much! That will do! :slight_smile:

The ideal is to first have a macro or a PLE
that show the leads we need
and then a PLE which will only solo the visible tracks