Toggle through, "Type of New Time Stretching Algorithm"

In MIDI CC editing, there is a feature in which you can switch between what type of CC Data will be inputed at the users next editing action - Step or Ramp.

I think this would be a useful concept to apply to the time stretch algorithms.

But, there would need to be an Add / Remove list option box for which types of algorithms the user can cycle through (as there are many algos, and most users probably only depend on a few).

This would really speed up my sound design workflow.

As well as perhaps, having key commands for all the algorithms so that I can have them as buttons in MetaGrid.

There should also be a global default for this setting (did I miss it somewhere?). I primarily use the Tape Style algo for SFX work.

Happy music making,

ps, also key commands for all the individual MIDI editing shape tools - Parabola, Sine, Triangle, Square, Paint.