Toggle time base of Multiple selected tracks

it has been asked several time, but I still haven’t found an easy solution.

I’m working to picture, and I have a template with more than 200 track.
If I score the end of the scene/movie, and then I need to change tempo before, I’m screwed: I need to toggle time base of 200+ tracks one after the other to linear just to change my tempo map, then again I need to re-toggle the F*** 200+ tracks to set them back to musical , one by one !!!

I can’t do it with multiple selection, and can’t do it with PLE ?!?

Under Logic audio it’s as simple as selecting multiple clips, then locking them to smpte with one click!
And then you can do whatever you want with the tempo map…

I wonder how they do it in remote control ? do they have special assistant to do the toggling all day (and night) long ? :laughing:

+1 !


[mod note: This thread is about switching the timebase on multiple tracks at the same time, not Musical Mode for audio files. I removed the OT posts]




Yes, there are -many- such functions that should be able to be applied to multiple tracks in one go.

And the way it should work is just as with most web apps. A standard UI item that everyone knows how to use.

  1. A check box field in the left-most column of each track

  2. A Selector field with a list of functions that can be applied in one got to the checked tracks.

  3. A Check All/Uncheck All button.

And one of those options (functions), of course, should be ‘Toggle Time Base’.


BIG +1! Used this feature MANY times in Logic pro and desperately miss it in Cubase (one of the rare features I actually miss from my Logic days).

ahah so I’m not alone suffering from this finger ache :wink:
@suntower , yes there should be a simple way to apply thing to multiple selection like the volume change or output.
@jt3jon , Me too, I love Cubase but this lack of function annoy me. Sometime I want to score the end before the beginning, and each time I do it, it’s a pain in the butt, to get the beginning right after ! (I use the timewarp tool, add odd meter I end up with at least one bar at 300 bpm in the middle of nowhere… :stuck_out_tongue:



This was implemented. It’s in the Project Logical Editor- Track Operation: Time Domain.