Toggle Timebase 11Element

I dont see the toggle timebase option in the track editor in Cubase 11 element, wheere is it?

What do you mean by track editor? Do you mean “inspector”?

There is a small note-symbol in the track wich you can activate or deactivate wich turn the musical base on and off. I see this in the Cubase Help but I can not see this symbol in my tracks. I have Cubase 11 Element. Where do I find this symbol? There is a way to edit the symbols/options available in the tracks, I open this editor but in my program there is no such symbol.

Its in the Track Inspector, its a small note-symbol, yellow/brown something. Where do I activate this, where do I make this symbol available?

Here’s what @Martin.Jirsak said in another topic.

Ha, ha. I am not sure if I should be laughing or crying. This is a fundamental component of the software. Thats terrible. I need to upgrade. This is a bad day.