Toggle Track Lists KC?

Is there a key command to go back and forth between the 2 Track Lists in Nuendo’s Project Window?
I’ve got my Track List divided into 2 Track Lists, but (for years) I seem not to be able to toggle Nuendo’s focus back and forth between them by means of a key command.

Any help welcome.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I never thought of that as a Kikkoman but it’s a great idea. I also work with upper and lower track lists and I’ve gotten used to clicking to change the focus. A key command would be great!

So, +1

I saw a post @ the Cubase Forum from 5 years ago regarding the same Feature Request, so I’m afraid it’s gonna be another cry in the desert?
Yet another chance for Steinberg to prove the opposite with the upcoming update to 10.5…

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Was that deliberate or some kind of predictive text error? I like it!