toggle track timebase = select previous track


i have a region selected on one track.
i have “Editing - Track selection follows event selection” activated.
i select another track and clic it’s toggle timebase icon.
timebase is changed for that track but selected track switch back to the track that has region select…

Doesn’t make much sense to me. specially becasuse if you are changing timebase for a track chances are you want to change for more and the selection switching back to previous selected is confusing when lots of tracks.

you have to deactivate “Editing - Track selection follows event selection” for this not to happen and keep going with next tracks you want to toogle time base…

this beeing said. i still don’t understand why there’s not a global timebase toggle !!! it’s so so anoying when you want to change timebase for all tracks you have to click like crazy for 5 minutes. i use this alot to manage accelerando in musical then come back to linear if needed etc…
this function is missing terribly, a alt shift clic on selected tracks for exemple… this is a suggestions i made already years ago :frowning: