Toggle Use Precount Key command [SOLVED]

I assigned a key to the Use Precount key command to toggle the Precount On/Off. It works great but I see no visual indication in the transport bar to see whether the Precount is On or Off which is in the end, not very handy.

Is there a way to know if the Precount is active or not before I start a recording?



There is no “Precount On/Off” function in the Key Commands. There is Use Precount within the Transport folder. If I assign any Key Command to this function and fire the Key Commands, I can see the feedback on the Transport bar/panel (if the Activate Count-in button is shown).

Thanks for your help Mr. Martin!
Yup! That was my mistake. The Activate Count-in button was not visible on my Transport bar/panel. Everything’s fine now :slight_smile: