Toggling between constant and linear automation points doesn't work in Dorico Pro 4

I am doing this: The New Key Editor in Write Mode | Introducing Dorico 4 - YouTube
Nothing happens.

For the first time I’m using play mode. I must be doing something wrong, but nothing happens when I click on the ‘convert to linear point’ button. I’m on Dorico 4.2. How can I create a diagonal line between these points? Thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 11.29.25

At the present time, you can only convert points within the same region between linear and constant, though it’s quite annoying to draw in a change like this as a single “move” because of course Dorico will create interim points that you don’t want. You can tell when you have a region because it will show a blue background.

This is something we expect to change in future.


Does John have a DiscoverDorico video on this?

I’d search YouTube, but I am not sure what to put in the search box to see if he ever covers how to enter these various points, lines, and curves in play mode.

Thanks @dspreadbury, that worked!

Concerning interim points: if you use the line tool, you only get a point at the start and the end.