Toggling between Cubase licenses?

I’ve been trying out Cubase Elements under the #StayAtHome offer. In the meantime I purchased a license of LE and activated it on my eLCC and steinberg account.

When I start Cubase it asks me if I want to switch from the Corona time-limited Elements to my definitive LE. I’d love to hop between both licenses while #StayAtHome doesn’t finish, to check the limitations on LE compared to Elements (maybe I wanna upgrade during the period?).

Will I be able to switch back to the current (time-limited Elements) license (and forth) if I select LE on launch? Many thanks!

It should not affect the licenses (I.e. their duration, etc.) It’s just asking which version you want to start since you have both licenses and LE/AI/Elements Are all the same program that just enables different features at start based on the license present.

Does this mean that, if I pick LE next time I restart Cubase, on following re-launches it will ask me if I wanna go back to Elements?

(That would be ideal in my specific case)

I am not 100% certain but I believe it will ask you each time you start (until one of the licenses expires or is not present). Either way, I don’t think trying it will hurt or cancel any of your licenses.

Were you able to switch back to #StayHome version after select LE?

In my case, I had AI before installing #StayHome. I was able to select Cubase Elements (#StayHome), closed it, restarted Cubase and chose AI. After that, I can’t switch back to Elements anymore.

Is it possible to bring the selection dialogue back?

I didn’t try going to LE yet, exactly because I’m scared I won’t be able to bring back the #StayHome. I looked around both the eLC and Cubase and could not find anywhere you can explicitly toggle the licenses. And, if you say the dialog stops appearing I guess I’d be screwed :frowning:

Have you tried resetting the preferences? I am fairly sure the license is still there on the eLCC and valid but perhaps Cubase saves you start preference in the file.


You are absolutely right. No need to reset preferences, though. Under Preferences/General there’s a checkbox for that: “Run Cubase Elements 10 time-limited version at next prorgram start”.

I’m so ashamed now :blush:

Thanks, @jaslan and @msmelo for your answers :wink:

Thanks for the tips guys. I bit the bullet and you can indeed go back! You even get a dialog telling you where you can toggle it again :smiley: