Token for Concert vs. Transposed?

Daniel - Any chance we can get a token indicating whether a full score is in Concert or Transposed?

Your idea might be a good one, but I’d simply add a text box to the first master page and change the verbage as needed. Or am I missing something?

You’re missing the fact that it would make an extremely nice failsafe, notesetter. With your method it’s not exactly difficult to print a transposed score that says it’s at concert pitch, or vice-versa.

Could one not make a full-score layout named Transposed and a full-score layout named Concert?

Of course, but it still doesn’t take much to hit the Edit > Transposed/Concert Pitch buttons to double check something, then forget to change it back, as Lew Buckley made abundantly clear here:

Furthermore, maintaining two separate layouts is a faff as you have to remember to Propagate Properties between them.

It’s a +1 from me.

This has been suggested before, and it’s on our backlog.