Token for flow first page number

Hi everyone,

I currently have a project where I’d like to have a kind of table of contents after the title page.
I’ve looked over the available tokens and searched the forum but it seems there’s no token (yet) available for the pagenumber of (the first page of) a flow.

I can manually enter them for now of course, but I think it would be a useful addition to the available tokens.

This has been discussed on this forum before. The big complication is that, unlike any other token, it would have to be layout-specific.

For me, ‘layout total pages’ is a crucial token. It is very important to use page numbers in the form ‘2/27’. ATM this takes so much time.

Flow first page and last page per layout are also important for commercial work.
It’s not unusual to have running headers like this:
‘piecetitle (3/90): section(flow) title (2/3’

We plan to have some more page number tokens in the next release, for what it’s worth, including the total number of pages in the layout, the number of pages in a flow, the current page within a flow (as distinct from that page’s displayed page number), and the page number displayed on the first page of each flow.



It’s not unusual to have running headers like this:
‘piecetitle (3/90): section(flow) title (2/3’

Bad form to quote myself…but this is another reason why I don’t want to use a new flow just to remove a cautionary.

Any update on that matter?
Would love to use p.1/3, 2/3, etc… based on project total and/or flow total.
Token is a breeze to use! The more we can get, the better it is. :slight_smile:

Yes. Here’s the Version History. Read page 44.

Doh! My bad.
I should have waited to read it completely before getting me that reward beer at page 3x…!
My random attempts at getting the token working as I wanted didn’t succeed…