{@token@} for player instruments

Sorry, you poor folks get so many feature requests, but just a note that it would be handy to have a token for player instruments. For example in particular, the “Percussion” player just shows up as Percussion instead of the myriad instruments they will play. In “How to Write for Percussion” by Solomon it’s recommended to spell out all the instruments required. I’m working on a piece with a large and growing percussion ensemble.

It also comes up for Eb clarinet, among others I’m sure, for which there’s rarely a dedicated player but it’s doubled by the 2nd or 3rd chair Bb. Interestingly we have {@playernames@}, which appears to be just a linear list comma separated {@playerlist@}, which is newline separated. I’m guessing the list is used for large ensembles, where the names would be used for small such as a quartet.

You can use {@playerName@} for this.

For percussion players with kits, you can use a percussion legend for this, although it’s positioned in the music rather than below the part name.