Token for players in flow

Am I the only one who really needs {@flowplayernames@} ?

Evidently not, given matanr requested it (less than) a month ago. But you know that already, seeing as you commented on

Why the new thread?

I must admit, I wondered whether this was really an “XY problem” and the real problem in matanr’s thread was the one at the end of the question.

If you haven’t come across the term “XY problem” before, it’s a shorthand for “I have problem X, and feature Y nearly solves it but not quite, so can I have an extension to feature Y please” - except that in the post requesting Y, problem X was never mentioned, so nobody knows what the real problem was, and there might be a better solution to X that doesn’t involve Y at all.

(See the other thread, for a workround to the problem at the end of matanr’s post.)

The reason for the new thread was that I have not seen an answer to this, as I thought, rather trivial problem.

Bumping is seriously frowned upon in this forum. In my opinion, starting a new thread that feigns ignorance of the previous thread is worse, because then there are multiple places for other people to comment on a feature request.

Every single post on this forum is read by at least one of the development team, and valid feature requests are noted even if they’re not commented upon. If other users are interested in a feature, they’ll post about it.

And as to the problem being trivial, there’s almost always more to it than it seems (to us, the users).

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Yes, I know that and I’m sorry for bumping but I felt excused as the original thread was not really about the very same thing so I thought my question might have fallen between chairs. And even if my question had been read, it certainly had not been answered. I realise of course that my request can be a lot more complex than what it might seem to me but, if so, I certainly would appreciate to be informed about weather my wish might or might not be fulfilled.

I’m expecting severe criticism (again) now but I feel that after three years I can put one question that might have been read but certainly not answered one more time, so:
Is there a particular reason that we cannot have a token that gives playernames from a flow?

“God answers all our prayers, but sometimes the answer is no.”

Or in Dorico’s case, maybe, “not yet.”

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Right on!