Token list Dorico 3

Good morning,

is the first time I write on this forum. I’ve been working with Dorico for about 2 years and I’m really excited. I come from Finale and I must say that my productivity has increased tenfold.
I ask this question because I haven’t been able to find it yet
where is the list of tokens updated to Doric 3.

Thank you very much and congratulations for the excellent work

I’m afraid there’s no update to this document
I’ve read that the doc team is really trying hard to make the localized versions up to date with the english documentation. No doubt that this is a task they will do once they’re done with the translated docs…

OK thanks.

I wanted to know if there is a token to display the total duration of the song and not just that of the individual streams.

The tokens are now listed in the context menu when you right click inside of a text frame. I can’t find any project duration token, though.