Token list

Suggestion: I think it would be very helpful to post the most up to date PDF of token scripts in the “manual” sticky-topic.

The most up-to-date version (which I updated last week some time) is always linked to from this page:

Might be time for an update to the popovers documentation, too. :wink:

Thanks for the link, Daniel, which I have saved as a bookmark in my browser. It would be great if this information was even more readily accessible from the Help menu of Dorico. Otherwise, it is difficult to find in the absence of your response.

You can print the PDF to your own computer if you want the info closer at hand and then check back periodically (whenever a Dorico update arrives?) to see if the documentation has been updated.

very good suggestion Mike!

Would it not be better for the complete list of tokens to be selectable from within the user interface? Like an “Insert Token” menu item, bringing up a dialog with a list? Here’s Finale’s (admittedly more limited) Fields, accessible from a menu:

Yeah, right next to “Symbol…” :slight_smile:

In addition I’d welcome to be notified from within the software (i.e. e.g. the hub).

Is there a way I can define my own wildcards? If not, I’d suggest to add tokens like key, tempo, transposition, genre, amount of flows to be used in instructional text first page overview.
(Edit 23/4/18: This was discussed and answered in this post already – I’d welcome the search function to be as so intelligent as to also look for “wildcard”, “ID” when I search for “token”…)

Will wildcards be part of Western or Generic MNX?