Token not working on a Title master page

I’m trying to use the token {@flowcomposer@} on a new Title master page I created for parts. It’s not working.

Here’s the strange thing: That same token is populating correctly at the top of the First master page. And other tokens on the Title master page, like {@layoutname@}, are working fine on the title page I created.

There are no page overrides. I can’t post the score publicly, but I can email it to the team if it’s needed.

Any thoughts? I’m stymied.

Does your title page have any music on it? If not, Dorico doesn’t know what flow it belongs to, so flow-specific tokens won’t work. (There are previous threads about that, if you want to search for them).

Bingo. That’s it, thanks Rob. I vaguely remember those conversations now that you mention it.

Funnily enough, your exact use case is highlighted in the documentation :wink: (it’s even within a note, in order to draw attention specifically to it)

Doh!! I really should have checked the excellent and ever-improving documentation first… sorry Lillie… :blush:

Doesn’t a specific declaration of {@flow_n_Composer@} work (where n is a number)? If you want the first flow’s composer you’d specify {@flow1Composer@}.

Yes, as is also highlighted in the documentation Lillie linked to above.