token suggestion: flowname

Hi there,

is there a token to display the name of the flow as it is the lower panel in Setup mode? If flow title attribute isn’t set within the project info dialog, that name is used as flow title. But if flow title is set, that would be a nice way to have to enter an alternative with further info or different typography. Let’s say {@flowtitle@} = “IMPERIAL MARCH” (displayed on master pages) vs. {@flowname@} = “Imperial March” (displayed in Setup mode and as header after the title page)

What do you think?

As a work-around, could you put the altered flow name into one of the other fields of Project Info and use that with typography configured as you wish? I seldom find I need to use all the categories provided.

I know, of course, but as you say, it is a workaround.

Yes, but so’s your suggestion, pianojochen, isn’t it?

Kind of, but what an implementation of flowname would actually do is giving us access to the field that Dorico uses to name flows. If Dorico simply used the flowtitle field for it, I wouldn’t have come up with the idea in the first place, since everything could be accessed with tokens, then. Internally, this token (aka variable) already exists. Yet, we can’t access it to use it on master pages.

I ran across this when I was inputting the first movement of Bartók’s CONCERTO FOR ORCHESTRA, which is how it appears in the title; but I didn’t want to use the all caps version for a default header. Maybe {@flowHeader@}?

Well, honestly, if the title appears only once (in a certain looks), why not simply write it without any token? You can override the first masterpage with that title and use the token for all other occurrences in your document…

When I named the title in setup mode and then changed the title in project info window the title didn’t change in setup mode. So I had 2 different titles as far as I can remember.