Token Text realignment in Templates

I’m really scratching my head with this. I have created a project that is blank apart from text in the Project Info (No notation) and this text is reflected using Tokens within the Page Templates. I’ve basically created all of the Text elements, Title, Subtitle, Composer, Arranger etc. Some of these Tokens have formatting alignment/font etc based on Paragraph Styles. However some of these styles are not visible in the Paragraph Styles box say for Subtitle. When I save this project as a Project Template and open a new project from this Template , the formatting of some of the Tokens changes ie text goes right aligned instead of the previously saved centre aligned… I do hope I’m making sense. Is there a way of setting default text settings for Tokens? Thank you Ernie.


Not sure I am following: I do see the Subtitle Paragraph Style for Tokens:

I also tried to save as template, and everything is there as expected on new projects. I activated this options by saving the template:

Allow me to quote myself from just a few days ago:

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Thank you. Sorry I missed this from a few days ago but this seems to be the problem I’m encountering. It really is soo close to the project template that I also want.