Token visual indicator, autocomplete, format

visual indicator

Can we have a some kind of visual indicator in a text frame for special treatments like tokens?
Say if I write Hello {@projectcomposer@}, that {@projectcomposer@} has a border around it in edit mode to set it apart from normal text. Then the wrapper {@ and @} wouldn’t even be needed to be visible. I think that would clean up texts in edit mode visually.


Can we have a quick reference, like a dropdown list for inserting tokens in the text options popover or even autocomplete for tokens in text frames? So when we type {@pro the dropdown list appears with filtered tokens (projectTitle, projectsubtitle, etc.) that can be selected?


Out of interest: Why is the token format {@…@}? I am a programmer and just wonder why we need 4 characters that are laborious to type if it could be done with for example ${…} like in template literals in js.

When typing into a text frame you can right-click for a dropdown list. I’m not disagreeing with your feature request; merely pointing out existing functionality you may have missed.

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I missed that, thank you.
That is exactly what I meant with the dropdown. I edited the feature request to address the autocomplete feature when typing.