Token with multiple emphasis

Hello there!
Is it possible to have regular and bold text in the same token?
Like ''Music by composer ‘’ or ‘‘Music by composer’’ or ‘‘Music by composer’’


Right now my Project Info is set to Music by [composer], story by [lyricist], edited by [editor], but as far as I know there’s no way to set the emphasis there, right?

Or do I need to make a manual override for that? (I hope not, that would mean doing that in every layout…)


You could build this but it won’t all be within the token itself.

Music by {@flowcomposer@}
Music by {@flowcomposer@}

Edit: ugh. I don’t know how to code to make this appear correct on the forum, but basically you can apply within text frames or shift-X text the attributes you want to the tokens. You just need to use regular text (also formatted however you want) that is not a part of the token itself.

(We can put a non-alpha character after @ to avoid atting someone on the forum. But of course we have to explain that we did that in case people try to copy directly.)

I just edit the master page - so would have …

Music by {@projectcomposer@}

where I can edit the style (emphasis?) of each item - which then applies to all pages in all layouts using that master page.
Does that help?

Oh wow, I feel so stupid for not thinking of this!!
Thanks for kicking in this open door and making my work much easier!