Tokens and layouts

I understand that some tokens apply only per layout, and that some (eg, ProjectTitle) appear everywhere, but is there any Help info on which apply where?

For example, I just created a ProjectSubtitle within a Full Score’s Master First Page, which doesn’t show up in any of the project parts. I realize that the Full Score Default master first page is different than the Part Default master pages, but shouldn’t project subtitles show up in both?


The Full Score Master Page Set and the Part Master Page Set (used respectively, by default, for scores and parts) are entirely separate, so, in short, no.

Prime example: the layout name at the top left corner of the first page. It’s there for parts, but for scores you can probably tell that it’s a score, at least in most cases.

In reality you can use the score master page set in any of your part layouts, or your part master page set in any of your score layouts, or you could create six different master page sets for six different layouts. For simplicity and convenience, one master page set is provided for scores and another for parts. The master pages within each master page set are used in any layouts that utilise that master page set, and changes to one master page set won’t affect layouts that use a different master page set.

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Thanks - once again! - for your help, Leo.

You can find examples of what tokens are used where in full score layouts by default here. Likewise, by default score layouts use the Default Full Score master page set, whereas parts use the Default Part master page set, but you can change the master page set used for each layout however you like.

Tokens don’t “apply per layout” per se, it’s rather that tokens on master pages appear wherever those master pages are used, whereas tokens that are part of page overrides only appear on that page.

As Leo says, master page sets are completely distinct from each other. Editing a page in one master page set doesn’t affect master pages in another set. The only time you’ll see changes in one master page affecting others is when they’re linked by way of the “Based on” function when creating new master pages.

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