Tokens (in)visible

Hi, I see that only a few tokens are invisible, when they are not filled in (unless I enter the frame of course).
Is it possible to make the other tokens invisible too, when they are not filled in?

Which tokens are you finding aren’t invisible?

Here are a screenshot of visible tokens and the Dorico file. When you open the file and the text frame, you see much more tokens.
Example (400 KB)

If a token doesn’t have a value set in Project Info, the value is an an empty string and it becomes “invisible” when it is used, but that doesn’t work for the tokens in your attachment.

I would guess that {@flow3title@} etc are not “tokens” at all in your project, because you only have two flows.

{@flowotherinfo@} and {@flowpublisher@} refer to the current flow, but Dorico needs some music in a music frame to know what the current flow is. You can’t use them on a page before the first music flow.

Thanks, that makes things more clear!