Tokens not working?

Some tokens work and some do. I even used the menu to put in the tokens. For example, I am trying to put composer, lyricist on title page. I put it in a green box that also had the date token. Date worked. Word test appeared. No composer like this:
{@projectcomposerdates@} {@projectcomposer@} test {@projectcomposer@}
The date shows up, the word test shows up, the composer does not. I have this problem for lyricist and arranger as well. Any thoughts?

Jan, are you applying these changes to a Page Template?
Does your Layout use that template (have you applied the template to a page of your Layout)?
If things with tokens don’t work, it could be a hint that you have a Page Override.

Hi, yes, I am attempting to make a custom page layout. I made sure there is no page override. I have this:
Music by {@projectcomposer@}

Lyrics by {@projectlyricist@}

Orch. by {@projectarranger@}
I just get the words Music by, Lyrics by and Orch. by.

OK, after resetting the override and putting the names into the project settings again, it worked. Thanks!