Another token I would like to see added would be Act and Scene. That way I can add token text, and Dorico would draw from the Project Info to add the information appropriately.


Could we please also have tokens for fileDate, fileName, filePath or near equivalents? Not just the composition date information from Project Info, but information drawn from the current file. I did find Print > Annotations > Date and time, but that offered no control over text styles or placement and also included the entire file path - which is an option I would want at some times but not at others.

For the existing date and time annotation, is there any control over its format? I’m currently seeing this “2016-11-11-093014” - which is the date format from my Mac OS System Preferences, but definitely not my preferred time format.

Thanks for the suggestions in this thread, more or less all of which are reasonable. We’ll see about things like act, scene, orchestrator, etc. in due course.

Michael, your requests for file/date tokens are also eminently reasonable and we’ll see about adding them in due course.

A small request, if possible: {@flownumber@} or something like this. A counter from the first to the last flow (automaticly). Thank you.

A request…

When creating a text box, could we have a «right click» listing of all tokens available ?

Please could we have {@projecttotalpages@} and {@flowtotalpages@}?
I like page numbers in the 2/6 format. It’s useful if this updates automatically.

These are on our wish list.

Another vote for a {@TotalPages@} token.

Could it be possible in future to add user-created tokens? ie: in the Project Info window, add a listbox that the user can add any number of custom token names, each with text entry boxes. That way users won’t have to post feature requests for tokens like “orchestrator” etc.

I’ll also drop a link here to my feature request thread for an improved Project Info window:

(Basic photoshopped idea for window layout)

I hope it’s ok to bring this thread back to the top, but I couldn’t find anywhere more suitable to ask whether it’s possible to code things like line breaks or italic text into the project info so that when you use tokens it would display correctly. For example, if the composer was Tallis, his dates are c.1505-1585 and the ‘c’ should correctly be in italics - I’d like to be able to code that into the Composer Dates so that when I use {@projectcomposerdates@} it displays it as (c.1505–1585); similarly, I’ve got a long lyricist which explains where the text has come from but I’d like to force line breaks in a particular place. Is this possible? I can’t find it documented anywhere, or anyone else trying to the same thing!


I don’t know how to get the result you want with italics.

For line breaks see:

Alternatively, I’ve had success simply formatting the line breaks I want in OpenOffice and then pasting the formatted text into project info fields.


I could not format any composer or lyricist field, and actually the other information field would let break lines without any problem, just with enter key. And no one from Steinberg has written anything about that, in the other thread that you cite…

The attachment shows what I got when I copied WordPerfect text to flowLyracist and OpenOffice text to flowComposer. I got similar results pasting to flowCopyright.

The thread I cited suggested pasting only the line break code from Word. I was able to create line breaks in several fields using this method too.


Thank you sspharis !

It would be interesting if we could input these line breaks directly in Dorico, but still nice to know a workaround in the meantime !

Well, the Copyright and Other information tokens seem to be coded to allow multiple line input and output. Perhaps as a feature request Dorico could allow any token to have multiple lines? If not, this could certainly be done manually.

Hi there! I definitely second the suggestions for new tokens already mentioned above. As a musical theatre writer, we often need to print out score revisions day after day and being able to have the date on those is essential, so having a date token would be amazing! For now the “Annotations” Print option works.

A question about {@playernames@} and {@playerlist@}: When I use these they include all the players for the whole project. Is there a way to get them to display the players just for their flow? Specifically, I’m working on a musical, and have set up each song as a Flow and each character as a Player (really excited to be able to do that haha). I would love to be able to have my template automatically list which characters are in each song. Thank you!


This is a great idea Pianoplayah, along with the line breaks and the ultimate freedom of creating your own tokens mentioned earlier in this thread.

I totally agree with Pianoplayah to even if he wasn’t the first to ask about adding a {@flowPlayerlist@} or a {@flowPlayernames@} Tokens. If added latter in a 1.3 or a 2.0 version, it could be great to choose between a column display or a line display depending where you put the Text Frame and its size. For exemple {@playerlist@}/{@linePlayerlist@} or something like that.
Also vote for {@date@}, {@projectTotalages@}/{@flowTotalages@} Token should be nice.

About the use of Tokens:

  • Daniel gives us a list of available tokens in this topic. That really nice and usefull (I do use a Franch version of Dorico but tokens stay in English, not that simple du find the proper sequence).
    -> I think it could be so great, and even more usefull, to offer a dropdown list of available Tokens to users in the Engrave Mode, especialy for non English versions.

  • There are many font characters available for Tokens (that’s great) but we are obliged to select one after an other to choose witch one best fits to the Token (so it can takes a lot of time). On World, when you highlight a front character, the text imediatly change in order to show you the result, isn’t it possible on Dorico ?

There is a pdf with all tokens here

Thank you very much andgle. That’s a very useful page.

Ok, ok, So I think I should edit my last post because, with the PDF, a dropdown list of Tokens in the Engrave Mode is maybe not that important.

I think it would be very useful to be able to right-click and insert tokens from a context menu when editing text in a frame, and we plan to do this in the future.