Is there a list somewhere of available tokens that can be used? Also do you imagine it would be possible in the future to define custom tokens?

Page number: {@page@}
Layout name (i.e. shown in the Layouts panel in Setup mode): {@layoutname@}
Player names: {@playernames@}
Player list: {@playerlist@}

Fields from the ‘Project-wide’ page of File > Project Info:

Fields from the per-flow pages of File > Project Info (you get the value for the current flow at the start of the first music frame on the page on which the token is used):

Tokens can only be used in text frames, not in text items you create with Shift+X.

Wish I could check the Thank You icon more than once for this!

Thank you, that’s very helpful!!

One more thing though, I wanted to have the flow title in all caps on the first page and then normal for subsequent page headers. It would be really useful to have capitalisation options in the font/paragraph styles dialogs.

On the topic of tokens: I’m currently writing a short musical with 8 songs and some incidental music. There aren’t many standard conventions when it comes to musical score layouts, but something common to many MTI scores is song page numbers in the header of each song, with the running page numbers in the footer.


“Opening Number”
“2. Opening Number”
“3. Opening Number”

“Hey, It’s Song Number Two”
“2. Hey It’s Song Number Two”

Currently, I can’t see any way to do this, so would it be possible to add something like [@flowpage@}?

So you want two different sets of page numbers? The total number of pages in the layout, and the current page count within a specific flow?

Yes :smiley:

That and capitalisation options and I would be in header heaven.

I’ll second this request, please!

OK, I’ll make a note of this and we’ll see what we can do.

Is there one for instrument name that I can use in my parts layout? It may be my fault—still learning—but the instrument names in the score don’t appear in the parts automatically.

Being able to put the Part Name in the header for each page (perhaps larger on page 1) makes lots of sense.

I expanded this topic into a request for an enhanced Engrave Menu (… Hope you don’t mind, and thanks for inspiring!

Can I add a request of orchestrator (sp?) in the Project info. Some music (e.g. Pictures at an Exhibition) is written by one composer, then later orchestrated by someone else. I think that is different enough from arranger to merit its own subcategory.


Robby, I see your point but I think, given that the Project/Flow Info is responsible not so much for the recording of contributions by artists but for the function of inserting this information into the score, the Arranger field is sufficient for this task if noted properly, e.g., “orchestrated by Robby Poole,” unless an arranger and orchestrator are involved simultaneously (in which case, you’d be better off entering this text freehand in the frame anyway).

PS: Gosh, that was a long sentence.

I do agree Tony, the project info is really only for inserting information into the score. And I do agree that a work around does exist. My only thought was, if they have time, and if it’s easy to do, it would be nice to have it.

But in thinking some more about your post… I guess either way, I’d have to create a new text frame to add it into the score even if it was in the project info. So I guess you are correct… Whether I add a text frame that says {@projectOrchestator@} or “Orchestrated by XXXXX” really there is not much of an advantage to be gained by having it in the project info. Unless maybe there is some more things later to come with the Project Info?


Robby, I wonder if it would be too cryptic/cold/Vulcan to swap the Arranger field for three “Contributor” fields; that way, you can enter their info as needed, then insert tokens to best reflect their contributions, e.g.:



Modest Mussorgsky
orch. Robby Poole
ed. Tony Ward

(I would not presume to edit your work, BTW) =)

You would not necessarily need a separate frame to add an orchestrator credit. Text frames can have multiple tokens on multiple lines.

Tony and Derrek, those are great suggestions.

@Tony - I like it, because contributor could be a lot of things, and it gives room for additional things that I have yet to think about. For instance, I never even consider Editor as something that someone might want to add.

@Derrek - Very true, it would be easy to add it under the already existing token in another frame.


Another token I would like to see added would be Act and Scene. That way I can add token text, and Dorico would draw from the Project Info to add the information appropriately.


Could we please also have tokens for fileDate, fileName, filePath or near equivalents? Not just the composition date information from Project Info, but information drawn from the current file. I did find Print > Annotations > Date and time, but that offered no control over text styles or placement and also included the entire file path - which is an option I would want at some times but not at others.

For the existing date and time annotation, is there any control over its format? I’m currently seeing this “2016-11-11-093014” - which is the date format from my Mac OS System Preferences, but definitely not my preferred time format.