I totally agree with you Daniel.

I think your idea is good. It could give more flexibility to the token formatting.

Another suggestion for tokens: {@FlowPage@}
I input different songs into the same project, but the page numbers of each song shall be printed. E. g. Title Page, 2nd page: “Song XY - p. 2”, 3rd page: “Song XY - p. 3”… In the next flow, the same thing: Title Page, 2nd page: “Song ABC - p. 2” …
Thank you!


I’m arranging a series of songs for a concert and it would be nice to be able to reorder the flows on a later occasion.

Also it would be nice to get the option to display the flownumber with Roman numerals.

Another token that would be very useful is {@flowTiming@}. I like to have the duration available on the first page and having a token for this that would update automatically would be very helpful.