Tom-Toms drum set not linked by default to HSO, doesn't produce any sound.

This percusión map seems to be broken. When I go to the Play tab, it shows that it hasn’t loaded any instances of HSO for any of the toms. Woodblocks, temple blocks and other sets work just fine.

EDIT: This is really messed up, only trying to load a Temple Block set on a new project doesnt even work, HSO doesnt even load (keeps that “First Contact” synth loaded, even when changed the default percussion map doesnt even work. **Every set, custom or not, is giving me playback issues.**Seriously guys, work on this. Even creating a custom set has become practically imposible if I want to get any sound to come out of it.

Se the attached project, for me only the Bongos sound…

EDIT 2: After a response on another thread I found deleting the VST configuration folder in my Application Support folder on Library (Mac) made HSO load again, for new projects though, not for this one. But that’s fine I guess.

Another thing I found that surprised me is that although Dorico let’s you have a predefined set of up to 5 Temple Blocks, Halion Symphonic Orchestra only comes with 3 :neutral_face:
Percussion Kits Not (352 KB)

That’s odd. Temple Blocks load for me. I get separate blocks in HALion and even dedicated expression maps.
I will grant you that 1, 2, & 3 duplicate the same pitch, 4 is silent, and 5 is lower.

Alvaro, did you try doing Play > Apply Default Playback Template on the troublesome project that won’t play back for you?