Hi, recently finished this song in C8.5, been using Studio one for new stuff but If a song is 50% or more in Cubase I’m gonna finish it in Cubase…
If you take a listen , I thank you… :slight_smile:

best, Kevin. :slight_smile:

Kevin, thanks for posting this here! Hoping Studio One is doing what you need it to do. Love your stuff, and this is no exception. To my ears, the balance is great, the stereo imaging is excellent, and more important, the composition makes sense. This is really a good one.

Thank you Leon, appreciate the kind comments…Cubase is a much better DAW than Studio one but Studio one is much better to use…if you catch my drift :slight_smile:
was gonna update to 9.5 but there is so much wrong with it (particularly the variaudio problem in the lower zone) will try the trial when they release version 10 :slight_smile: or maybe they’ll fix things before then with an update :slight_smile:

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

hi Kevin ,hope you are well ,great stuff, vocals sound good and are nice and clear ,all the best