tone differences when using MIDI

When I use my mouse to click on a key in the Grand interface the note is nice and bright and strong but when I hit a note via my MIDI keyboard (DX7) it is not near as bright and much less quiet. It’s kind of muddy sounding.

This is the only VST instrument I have this problem with. Any ideas?

My guess would be it has something to do with velocity settings?

Velocity settings on the DX7 or in The Grand?

When you press a key with your mouse you are getting a very very strong velocity. Thats cause you will likely click the key at the edge where it’s louder than if you move in closer to the soundboard. Depending on your keyboard, the velocity response may be a little weak. To compensate for this try out some of the more aggressive preset velocity curves under the Control page. This is normall to want a little stronger attack.

If you have an original DX7 it does not transmit velocity correctly, it only goes up to 100 out of 127, it was the first MIDI synth with velocity support so it can be forgiven for this all in all …