Tone Poem Done Completely with NP

Excellent work! I enjoyed listening to your tone poem.



I should be good on memory.

@Robby_Poole Thank you, sir!

Konrad, if you buy the BBCSO and use it with Noteperformer, then there is no need for an expression map for Dorico. When properly set up, Noteperformer will use the BBCSO instead of its own sounds. It is not difficult to set up. And it sounds great.


Note that you have to buy the NP playback engine for BBCSO to make the above work.



Excellent! Thank you!

  1. Dumb question, but is there a particular version of BBCSO I need to buy? (VSL, for example, has an overwhelming number of products.) BBCSO has Core, Professional, and Discover.
  2. No problem buying the NP playback engine. I assume that is easy to find on the Wallander site.
  3. Does Wallander have instructions on loading the VST3 plug in into NP? I seem to remember that their website help is pretty brief.

It’s not just memory- your processor speed must be over 3 something.

Processor 3.30 GHz
Ram 32 GB
Hard Drive (SSD) 2 TB

You’re good then :wink: I only mentioned it because I didn’t read the fine print; I have enough memory (32g) and hard drive space (2TB), but my processor isn’t quite fast enough. I can only use 4 or 5 Core instruments; and then only with a buffer setting of 1024 on my external ASIO interface.

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When you install NP4, a separate program called NPPE (Noteperformer Playback Engine) gets installed. If you want to use BBCSO you simply start NPPE, select the BBCSO version (Core or Pro) of your choice and click the buy button, which takes you through the whole purchasing proces.
Great music, I am very impressed.:+1: BBCSO might be just the right sound for it.

Thanks for the nice words and for the advice.

I already purchased BBCSO Core. I certainly hope that’s the right version. No one had said I had to purchase through NP,

No, it’s just the NP engine for the BBCSO that you have to buy through NP.




You can also run the NPPE template for unlimited 1-hour sessions on a trial basis just by clicking the BBCSO button. I’m sure you will want to buy it, though, if you already have NP4 and BBCSO Core.

Will buy tonight. Thanks.

Sorry to be dumb, but I purchased and downloaded BBCSO Core. (The Spitfire exe confirms it is downloaded.)

I can’t find the library or a player. I have no clue what to do next. (For example, with VSL, there is a player.)

I’m lost.

UPDATE: I am downloading the NPPE, so I may be OK. We shall see. :slight_smile:
Y’all are great, by the way.

OK. Not working. Kept getting Write Error during NPPE install. I finally chose to click Ignore since that was the only way to continue. When I started Dorico, I got a crash report. (I have attached a diagnostic, but it is too large to attach.) When I click on the NPPE app, it says BBCSO is activated.

When I go into PLAY in Dorico, I do not see how to tell NP to use BBCSO.

I’m not clear what to do next.

UPDATE: I shut everything down, reran the NPPE installer and did not get an error this time; however, opening Dorico still gave me a crash report,and I still don’t see how to make NP use the BBCSO sounds.

Solved. Will add details later.

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OK, last questions.

I was not crazy about the BBCSO trombones. I opened the NPPE template to see if I could change back to NP for the trombones. I deleted the trombones, but I still hear trombones.

  1. To replace a BBCSO sound with a generic NP sound, do you just delete the BBCSO instrument?
  2. Do I have to open the NPPE program and reload BBCSO everytime I reboot or restart Dorico?
  3. In NPPE, I see “three staves of horns.” I have four. Not sure what this means.

Conrad & Mike: loved both pieces.Great musical flow and nice orchestration. It’s amazing how these sound libraries get better and better with time. Not that they can replace the real thing, but for mockups and such, they are great.

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