Has anyone used their VSTs? Does the quality of the result live up to the expectation one gets from looking at a slick looking GUI? I’m tempted to buy ReelBus since I’m still searching for a good 64-bit VST that provides some sort of tape emulation - Magneto is 32-bit only and SoundToys hasn’t released a 64-bit version of Little Radiator (which isn’t tape emulation but the added punch would be enough to meet my needs).

Have you checked slate vcc? I have it and in my limited use of it, it sounds nice.

I don’t think I have any tape emulations at all, but I do have a few saturation plugins like the slate vcc, and sonnox inflator. I like the inflator, a lot.

I think SIR or some other impulse driven plugin has tape impulses for it. Have a look over at in the tape emulation thread. They mention the impulse plugin that they were comparing the UAD plug to and where the impulses are.


Magneto 32bit works fine in Cubase 64bit via the in-built VSTBridge.

I do like the Slate VCC, lately I’ve done some re-mixing of my older tunes with VCC on just about every channel and it does add that ‘something’ for sure.

UAD EL7 FATSO is probably my favourite at the moment, it sure adds some weight, although with my UAD Solo card I can only use one instance (using quite a few of their other plugs at the same time!) I then use it again in my so called ‘mastering’ in WaveLab, lovely!


Yeah, I know the bridge allows 32-bit plugins to work. I’m trying my damnedest to stick to a 64-bit only solution though, which is why I’m looking for 64-bit alternatives.

I don’t have, nor will I ever have, a UAD card.

So any other thoughts?

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Well, in all seriousness, I have been searching for a freeware replacement. But if something costs me under $50 and it gets enough of the job done then I’ll still buy it. Above $50 and it’s a no-go.