Tones and I - DANCE MONKEY on Cubasis 2 & 3 (100% instrumentation) - 19 versions

Composing, arranging and mixing on Cubasis 2.

Mastering on Cubasis 3.

Other versions -

  • Slow version

  • 3D version

  • Baby Dance version

  • Chipmunk version

  • Sonic version

  • Sheet Music versions

  • Advanced version

Next up -

  • Karaoke versions in various keys (minus one - no lead)

  • Cover version



3D Version -


Baby Dance Version - this is a tribute to these master-piece videos featuring HAPPY DANCING BABIES -

  • Babies in the mirror

  • Babies on rollers

  • Babies bare necessities

  • Spider-Baby beats Spider-Man in dance! Very funny!!

  • Baby Surfing


Advanced version of Dance Monkey -


Dance Monkey - Advanced Sheet Music & Notes -


:musical_keyboard::musical_note::notes: Dance Monkey Advanced Tutorial with Sheet Music, Notes & Lyrics

I’ve posted 5 versions of Sheet Music in various keys.


:musical_keyboard::musical_note::notes: Dance Monkey Advanced KARAOKE Tutorial with SILENT Sheet Music, Notes & Lyrics

Free Dance Monkey karaoke backing tracks you can use in your projects.
(This is accurate and will even sync up with the original song, note-for-note and beat-for-beat)


I’ve posted 5 versions of Karaoke backing tracks in various keys (F#m, Fm, Gm, Am)


Well, that’s a total of 19 different versions of Dance Monkey I posted so far as listed in my first post above and I expect to round it off to 20 with the pending Cover version.

I haven’t posted all the various video versions here though. You could find them all on my channel or website.