Tonic, Monologue, Embracer and Cubase 6.5

Dear All,

How is possible to use TONIC, MONOLOGUE and EMBRACER in Cubase 6.5?
I’ve read that that some plug-in dont’ work on Max OsX Lion, but I’m running Cubase 6.5 32 bit on Mac OsX 10.6 (Snow Leopard).


Aloha G,

Because you are using 10.6 Snow Leopard (which still uses Rosetta) you may
be able to get those plugs to work in 32 bit mode.

Keep in mind that C6.5 might also have to be in 32 bit mode
(via the ‘Get Info’ d/lg box)

Also there is now a ‘Jbridge plug-in for Mac’ but I’m not sure if
it is Lion only.

If you search the goog you will find it.

Good luck

I love all three of those plugs

I’ve deleted Cubase 5 before installing Cubase 6.5, so I’ve copied Embracer.vst (only Automap version) form User\Audio\VTS to the new folder created by Cubase 6.5.
I’ve refreshed the plug-in research, but I can’t still see them in the list.

I wouldn’t re-install Cubase 5.

Snow Leopard is 32 bit


1-Are you using C6.5 in 32 or 64 bit mode?
2-Are you running you Mac in 32 or 64 bit mode?


SL is 32 or 64 bit, depending on how you set your computer up.

C6.5 - 32 bit.
I suppose that SL runs in 64 bit. I use Reason, and other applications, in 64 bit mode.

I received an email yesterday from Steinberg support stating that Embracer and Monologue were no longer available in Cubase 6.5. Here is the exact statement:

I’m sorry but Monologue and Embracer are not available in Cubase 6.5. The Padshop and Retrologue VST instruments are their spiritual successors.

The issue is not OS related or bit-depth related.

Odd. I’ve seen posts on this forum with working Monologue, Embracer, and Tonic in Cubase 6.5.
Is this perhaps for Lion (which doesn’t have Rosetta)?

I can confirm that they are present in Cubase 6.5 on a PC.

Dear All,

Only C6.5 is installed and it runs in 32 bit mode.
I’ve opened the installation package of C5 disk. So I’ve installed only TONIC, EMBRACER and MONOLOGUE.
They work fine!

thank you Green, now I´m reassured.
seems like that´s the same as with the old “Waldorf A1” VSTi = you can re-install the DLL_file in Cubase, and it works also fine.

BTW: I think that the licenses are expiring, and there´s no more support for these old plugins.