TONIC - please don't let it die

Dear Steinberg developers,

I hereby want to make a case for the Tonic plug-in. It has not been updated to VST3, and from the looks of it I get the impression that you are content to let it wither away and kill it off completely when the transformation to 64-bit is complete.

It is not the best filter plug-in by a long shot. But there is one thing it does supremely well, and that is add subsonic frequencies to kick drums. In fact, it does this so well that I have never felt the need to look into alternatives.

So I hope that you can find the time and resources to update this plug-in and let it be a part of the VST3/64-bit future!


Heres a +1 to that :slight_smile:


And for me add Embracer and Monolouge to the list.

I agree. Especially about Tonic. It is a tough plug-in to learn to use but VERY powerful. It concerns me that few people use it because it is hard to learn how. The documentation is sort of vague.

Agreed Tonic rocks, it’s a great creative filter with amazing sound quality. If you are looking for more subs on the kick, also check out the Fabfilter stuff it’l blow yer mind!

I’ve posted one of these laments already!

I don’t understand why they got rid of the Tonic and kept the Step Filter

The automation has gone a bit rubbish on N5 ( and 5.5) too

Sorry, but we will have to let it die. We do not own the source code for that one and cannot deliver any updates anymore.
The same applies to Embracer and Monologue unfortunately.

Oh my, what a horrible news here. Didn’t know that, so sorry about what happened.

hypothetically, can you buy source code?
can’t be much for “that old obolete code snippet”? :wink:

I’ll bet who ever owns the source code wants a
mint for it because they know these plugs are
killer sounding and that they are one of a kind.

haha, it did enter my mind …

… so let’s start a 7-year long campaign similar to the one that worked for getting Windows 7 x64 drivers for the Midex! :laughing:

In anticipation of Tonic’s death I bought Waves LoAir when it was on sale. It is good in its own right, but I still find myself looking for that Tonic flavor. It may be just a matter of getting used to.

I never knew that it could do this - extremely interested in knowing the settings you are using for this now, and would be seriously grateful if you could post them?
I’ve been doing it a somewhat different way, using the test tone generator & a gate:
Create an Aux track (either a group or an EFX one, it does not matter) and put the test generator in this.
Then put a VST3 gate (or one with a sidechain input, anyway) straight after it.
The input to the gate should be sent as a sidechain from the Kick drum.
Set the test tone generator to your chosen subsonic frequency - 40Hz works really well - and set the gate to maximum range so that the tone is muted unless the Kick Drum is hit.
Set the attack short enough to work well, but not so short it causes clicks

Who does own the source code?

Perhaps we could convince them to make it into a plug in? Would that be possible from Steinberg’s point of view?

Install Cubase 32 in its own folder and you can use Tonic for a few more years? :sunglasses:
Yes, I know it’s a workaround, but …

Tonic still works fine in 64-bit Cubase 6 … obviously there’s bridging involved, but it seems to be fairly stable.

Hmm, forgot all about Tonic. It still works over here. So exactly what is this kick sub trick …please? :smiley:

In the read me PDF that came with Cubase 7 and I quote “Plug-in compatibility with older Cubase projects
Some old plug-ins are no longer part of the Cubase
installation namely: HALion ONE, Monologue, Embracer and
Plug-ins from earlier Cubase versions are provided for
you on the Steinberg”

Where can I get this? I need TONIC bad :frowning:

I wonder as well.