Tons of error messages and Import crash

This happened when i first purchased 10.5 a few months ago. I now have updated to 10.5.10 and these thing still happen. I get SO many error messages when I load the program (over 50). elicenser control errors. I’d post them all if I could upload images here.

Application "Cubase / Cubase Artists has caused the following error: Failed to GetInfo command.

I have updated elicenser and performed maintenance.

Other issue: When I Import>Audio File, in 10.5 it crashed right away. NOW (in 10.5.10) it imports the file, then crashes.

Also, it takes about 15-20 minutes for the program to open. "initializing: Content license check 11of 29…

Fixed after a mac restart. NO errors of any kind etc. Then I closed application, and reopened and the error messages started all over again. Looking through these posts it’s clear this software version is not ready for prime time and the US support is SO bad