Too clever by half

Having seen this, from the SDA I ran the installers here:

  • HALion_6.1.15_Application_Installer_mac.dmg
  • HALion_Sonic_3.1.0_Content_Update_Installer_mac.dmg

Of course I should have known better; just wanted to be up to date!

I got the error when I next launched Dorico Pro 2 as in the lower half (black) of the attached grab.

Have I now put things right, please, by removing the files as in the upper half (Finder) of the same grab?

I know I should have left well alone.

Would I be better to reinstall all my HALion files from scratch?

For the future reference of anybody who stumbles on this thread, please note that unless you have either the full HALion 6 application or the full HALion Sonic 3 application, these updates do not apply to you, and you should not install them. HALion Sonic 3 and HALion Sonic SE 3 are separate applications.

Thanks, Daniel: I learnt the hard way. After trying to match what I should have with what I had at the filesystem level, I tried a complete re-install of SE3 and HSSO. I still got errors because I wasn’t aware of those necessary components which Dorico itself installs.

As usual, the extensive support from Steinberg - including your good self - saved the day :slight_smile: Thanks!