Too English a grammar

In the attachement, you will see the ordinary behaviour of Dorico: It gives capital first letters and the “&” sign in the instrument header. In my language, that is rather ungrammatical. It ought to be “Perkusjon, xylofon og klokkespill”. Is there any way to remedy this ( – still using tokens, and without losing the capital first letters all other places)?
Malplasserte majuskler.png
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In Setup mode, double-click the layout in the right panel and type “Perkusjon, xylofon og klokkespill”. Then hit Enter.

I may be looking at this way too fast, but that’s bound to be the Layout name, and I assume you also want the Layout label to appear that way on the first page, so just correcting the (generated, default) Layout name should do the trick, no?

That was certainly my thinking, Luís.

Nevermind — I was in fact reading too fast, as I anticipated. I parsed what you wrote as “edit the header”. Ugh, sorry.

Spot on, both!