Too fast autoscrolling in flows panel

I have a document with 50+ music samples as flows. When I try to move for example flow #45 to be after flow #11 I drag it with the mouse to the left border of the flows panel. The problem is that the autoscrolling starts immediately at hyperspeed and I immediately end up at the beginning of the flows.
Could we get gradually increasing austoscroll pretty please.

You can also reorder flows in the Project Info dialog – for projects with quite a lot of flows, like yours, you might find this more reliable in general? There are Move Up/Down buttons in the flows list on the left.

Fwiw, it has always seemed to me that scrolling in the properties panel is a bit too fast as well. Whole swaths fly by making it hard to nudge half a panel when using a scroll wheel. I’ve long wondered if this speed is affected by system scrolling values. That said, while my scroll is moderately fast, it is nowhere close to the fastest the system will permit, and yet I can zoom right past certain panels with little effort.

EDIT: upon closer inspection, I think my issue is actually that it scrolls by chunks of pixels, rather than smoothly, so my eye looses its place.

The same with accidentally scrolling values in Options dialogs – which I never want. I am trying to scroll the page a little and I completely throw off the value I just typed in, by 20 or more. This is useless to me, as even if I did want to scroll values the scrolling is way too fast.

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I’ve done that too, though it doesn’t happen too often for me.