Too little notes in measure - how to add missing values?

A mxml import created measures with too little note values. Dorico simply accepted six 32nds in a 2/4 measure. I need to fix that but it turns out that it is just not possible to simply add rests at the beginning (for example).
What is the Dorico-way to do that?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-01 um 13.18.56

Re-input the 2/4 time signature with Insert mode active probably a good step 1.

@Lillie_Harris Thanks for your feedback, but that does not work, please see video. Further things to observe: the values do not “fix themselves” even when a different time signature is entered. And also, when applying some tuplets to them, Dorico still c alculates against six 32nds, where eight should be… Any ideas?

OK, turning on “Signposts” helps a lot :slight_smile:

Did showing signposts reveal hidden tuplets? Is your issue resolved?

Yes, and yes. At least this one. However, there are moments when the cursors do not work anymore. I have to restart Dorico again, then they’ll work. Not sure why this happens. Is there a function in Dorico that stops cursors from working? Do I maybe activate that function via a keyboard shortcut that I am not aware of?

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