Too many bars per staff

Why do I get sth like this although I chose ‘maximum bars per system 4’ in the Layout options?
How can I prevent this please?

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-21 um 09.54.58

There might be a system break with the “wait for next” property set somewhere…


Thanx Benji - that solved the problem. I even didn’t know that this option exists.

First time it happened to me it was super scary… :slight_smile:
It’s used for the function “Make into system”, so if you have used that and then delete the second signpost, it will result in the behavior shown…

Have a great day,


Yea… I think just about everyone freaks out the first time their entire score condenses onto one page in a jumbled mess…. Thankfully the fix is so easy. (But hard to find when signposts are turned off.)