Too many fermatas

For the last two bars of this piece, I want to do a pyramid that ends – after the final voice has entered – with all the voice holding on a fermata. You can see from the screen shot that the soprano and mezzo fermatas are correct, but also generate two additional fermatas at the start of the bar. If I try to delete those two ‘extra’ fermatas, I get a correct result in the upper two voices, but loose all of the fermatas in the lower 4 voices. I’m doing all of the in Write mode, but I couldn’t seem to delete the specific fermatas in Engrave mode either

. Is there a way to get the result I want?

What you want to do is select the last note that gets a fermata, and then the others should be added at the correct positions.


I’m not sure what the soprano and mezzo staves are but have you tried removing all the fermatas and then adding one to the last crotchet (second stave of image)?

I started writing my reply first.

Perfect!! Thank you very much…:slight_smile:

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If you are not tied to the current notation, I would add another measure, tie everything to a whole note in that measure, and put the fermatas on that final, tied-to note in each part.

Ah, a bit more elegant solution (and, I suspect, more correct – if only I had gone to music school.)
Seriously, thanks to both of you for your solutions. This forum is really very special.