Too many issues to even list. Help! Is anybody home?

8.0.1 installer crashes. (Win7 64) Nobody has responded (with any help)
Automation data gets deleted when you exit WRITE
Freeze track crashes program
Disable track crashes program
Meters lag
See All recent posts below - all these and more are being reported

Current version prior to 8.0.10 has so many issues that it’s basically unusable

I can’t even install the update released this past week. (How many times can I report the same problem.)




SOMEBODY HELP. Is anybody home?

If I can’t get some help soon, I may use the time I’m wasting with these bugs to join a lot of forums and express my frustration. This is getting ridiculous.

Have you tried using My Steinberg to contact the official Cubase customer support team?

The many multiple issues you are having sounds atypical and likely related to your specific system. Stuff like that is generally difficult for folks in the forum (who are mostly just other Cubase users) to address.

There could be a large number of possible causes for your problems but your post is kind of lacking in specifics. For example there are plug-ins known to introduce problems? Maybe you’ve got one of those installed - who knows? Are you using 32-bit plugs on a 64-bit version of Cubase? What OS are you using? How much RAM? Audio interface? The ability of folks on the forum to help you is dependent on you providing enough information to them. If you just post EVERYTHING IS BROKEN!!! without any specifics no one is likely to reply for the simple reason that they don’t have enough info to even guess at what is causing your problems.

Also I’d recommend you include the hardware and software specs for your DAW in your signature. This can make it easier to identify potential sources of problems.

Good luck with trying support as I logged my issue over 2 weeks ago and have not had a reply. I then had a tech support guy in forum see a complaint about having received no support, he asked did I receive an acknowledgement email. I replied yes and then never heard anything from him.
I am going to post on the forum every day until I get some help.

8.0.1 installer crashes. (Win7 64) Nobody has responded (with any help)

Regarding the first response to my original post: No I did not list specifics here. I have filed requests with all the proper channels (including the details you correctly point out as missing) and gotten no help up to this point. These problems with the installer are not unique as you can see by looking around the forum. I have been bombarded with problems with installers for both Cubase and Halion in the last three months. If you are a Cubase 8.0.x user, you must be familiar with many of the issues that are new to versions 8 and above. Some of these are the price of progress, but there are too many broken things with Mutes, Automation, program crashes - you name it. They hamper my ability to get work done. Mixes change upon re-opening. The program crashes when doing routine things like removing a track or freezing a track. Halion has it’s own issues.

One thing we all depend on is a project state being maintained accurately. It is a core function.

I am expecting a call at 4pm (it’s 4:08 now) today for some remote assistance to try to sort this out and make some progress. 8.0.1 lists many, but not all, of the issues as being resolved, but I can’t install it due to the problem with the installer itself. Even the usual work-around is not available, although another reply pointed to a thread which details a work-around the work-around, that looks promising.

At some point I would like the routine process of installing an update to work as expected. That way I can get back to work instead of spending my time on science projects and work-arounds.

It’s 4:12 and I’m waiting for the 4:00 pm call.