too many keystrokes to variaudio

Is there any way to disable the audio editor popping up in the lower zone first, forcing another click to open in a separate window (which you have to do to use Variaudio etc.), then another to tell Cubase to show the inspector, then one more to open the variaudio?

This is an absurd problem.

is there a shortcut of which I am unaware?

agreed - also you have to click in many different parts of the screen.

Also CUbase “forgets” that you had variaudio enabled on the track - so if you go back to re-tweak something you have have to first 1) select the part in the arrangement window 2) then click on the lower panel 3) click the variaudio button again 4) return to the lower pane editor to work on the file

This is another side effect of the problem that Cubase doesn’t have the ability to edit VariAudio/Warp in the project window itself. It’s way too many clicks now to do something simple like this. I would put another feature request in – this is something people seem to have been asking for for years now.

The way Cubase handles actually editing Warp/VariAudio needs work in that it’s only available in a separate window instead of being nestled in the Project Window. Let’s all hope they will catch up soon.

But the way it worked in 7.5 was fine.

I hate Steinberg a little more every time I upgrade to find that they have improved very little, added a ton of features I don’t care about, not addressed a feature request I’ve put in for years AND made some function that I use all the time MORE DIFFICULT.

And it works exactly the same way in C9 if you want.
Just turn off lower zone.

But I wished the VariAudio would use the same tools/keys as all the other editors rather than the Tab key to swap operations. E.g. the scissors tool to cut the blocks, the Pointer tool to move them, the Play tool to hear them play, etc. Then all the shortcut keys should be the same… It would make sense then to me!

+1 for Vari-Audio inline on the project.



never mind. It’s in preferences-editors-double click opens editor in windows