too many VST receive errors...

I have bought UR22 to recording electric guitar,and I need use some VST plugins.But there is a serious problem…The self test always hints “vst system link has been deactived because of too many receive errors”.But I have install the lastest driver.The vst connection is right.All port is active.My os is win7 sp1 64bit.Please help me find out what go wrong and how to fix it.Thx!! :smiley: :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

I think, you don’t need VST System Link at all. System Link for linking and syncing 2 computers with Cubase. I guess, this is not your case.

Open Devices > Device Setup > VST System Link, and disable “Active” and “Online” option here. Set ASIO Input and Output to Not Connected. Now the VST System Link is disabled.